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Read the CBP's Analysis of the 2014-15 Budget Package

This report examines the budget agreement signed by Governor Brown last week, highlighting its major provisions as well as key proposals not included in the budget package.

CBP Releases Statement on Budget Agreement

Executive Director Chris Hoene calls the 2014-15 budget agreement announced by Governor Brown and legislative leaders “only a very small step toward much-needed reinvestment in California's families and communities.”

Five Things You Need to Know About California’s Child Care and Development System

This new CBP report looks at the current state of subsidized child care and preschool in California and highlights the need for reinvestment.

Op-Ed: Will State Leaders Keep Promise of New School Funding Formula?

The CBP’s Jonathan Kaplan writes in the Sacramento Bee about why policymakers need to act to ensure transparency in school districts' use of dollars targeted to disadvantaged students.

Fact Sheet: Requirements for Approving Key Legislative Actions in California

This easy-to-read table highlights the rules for approving more than a dozen legislative actions, from passing a budget bill to amending the state Constitution.

From State to Student: How State Disinvestment Has Shifted Higher Education Costs to Students and Families

A new CBP report looks at the decline in state support for the California State University and the University of California over the past generation.


Read Our Entire Series of Briefs on the Governor’s Budget Proposal

This series of briefs has examined key areas of spending and related policy choices in the Governor’s proposed state budget for 2014-15.

Dollars and Democracy: A Guide to the State Budget Process

This updated CBP guide describes the budget process and timeline and looks at the roles of the Governor, the Legislature, and other key players.

Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Family in California?

This CBP report looks at the income needed to afford a modest standard of living in California and includes estimated family budgets for all 58 counties.


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New Child Care Spending a Good First Step

“These new investments take us part of the way, but we think they need to be just the beginning of the conversation about how to build back support for the state’s childcare and preschool programs which are so critical to California’s families,” said Scott Graves, CBP research director.


Schools v. Prisons: Education's the Way to Cut Prison Population

According to Scott Graves of the California Budget Project, California is expected to spend more than $62,000 on each prison inmate in 2014-15 almost 7 times the $9,200 it will spend for each K-12 student.


Even Businesses Want to End This Tax Loophole

Advocates for reforming the bill often point to its devastating effect on California public schools, which had relied on those property taxes for nearly half their funding and now rank among the worst in the nation in teacher-student ratios and spending per student, according to the California Budget Project.


Hospitals, Providers, Advocates Irked by What's Left Out of Budget Revision

"The revised state budget … presents a false choice between fiscal responsibility and reinvestment in public services," said the CBP's Chris Hoene.