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Medi-Cal and the Governor’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget: The State’s Net Cost for Californians Who Enroll in Medi-Cal Due to Health Care Reform = $0
This blog post -- the latest in a series on Governor Brown's proposed spending plan --shows how expanded Medi-Cal enrollment has meant billions of new federal dollars for California and resulted in overall savings to the state budget.


Register Now for Our Annual Conference, Featuring Keynote Speaker Ezra Klein
Join us on March 4th in Sacramento for Policy Insights 2015, a wide-ranging discussion of how smart budget and policy choices can help ensure that all Californians have the opportunity to share in our state's prosperity.


SSI/SSP and the Governor’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget: Recession-Era Cuts Remain in Place
This blog post shows that a critical support for low-income seniors and people with disabilities would continue to be funded at a level more than one-third below 2007-08.


Medi-Cal and the Governor’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget: Health Care Reform Boosts Enrollment and Federal Funding
This blog post looks at Medi-Cal expansion in the wake of federal health care reform, including the significant progress made thus far and key issues in moving forward.


Revenue and the Governor’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget: The Administration Has Underestimated State Revenues by Billions of Dollars in Each of the Past Three Years

This blog post discusses how overly cautious estimates of state revenues could impede making much needed investments in critical public services and systems.


The CBP Examines the Governor's Proposed 2015-16 Budget

This report provides the CBP's initial analysis of the state budget proposal that Governor Brown released on January 9th.

Economic Context of the 2015-16 Budget: A Recovery That Is Leaving Many Californians Behind

As Governor Brown prepares to release his proposed state budget, this blog post underscores the need to address high levels of poverty and unemployment in many parts of California.

Issues to Watch in 2015: Expanding Health Care Coverage to Undocumented Immigrants in California

As part of a CBP blog series previewing key budget and policy debates, this post looks at opportunities for extending health care coverage to undocumented immigrants and discusses some critical policy considerations.

Issues to Watch in 2015: Higher Education

This blog post looks at how state disinvestment in the California State University and the University of California has contributed to steep tuition increases at both institutions in recent decades.


We’re Hiring! The CBP Is Looking for a Communications Associate

Interested in joining our team? This position will play a vital role in our efforts to connect with policymakers, advocates, the media, and other audiences.

A State EITC: Making California's Tax System Work Better for Working Families

A new CBP report discusses the benefits of establishing a California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the key policy considerations in creating this state credit.

CBP Infographic: Navigating the State Budget Process

This infographic illustrates the year-round budget cycle, including the various opportunities for the public to be involved.

From State to Student: How State Disinvestment Has Shifted Higher Education Costs to Students and Families

This CBP report looks at the decline in state support for the California State University and the University of California over the past generation.

CBP Infographic: Poverty Is a Problem We Can Address

This CBP infographic shows why state policies that boost workers' earnings can play a major role in reducing poverty and fostering economic opportunity.


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FRESNO BEE, 1/7/15

Democrats Press Gov. Jerry Brown to Increase Help for Poor

"The governor's management of the budget has clearly shown an ability to take the long view," said Chris Hoene, executive director of the left-leaning California Budget Project. "The general public should be asking why there isn't a similar effort in play around helping the low- and middle-income Californians who still aren't experiencing the recovery."


Gov. Jerry Brown Pressed to Increase Safety-Net Spending

Although federal funding grew, overall grants [for low-income seniors and people with disabilities] now are lower than they were six years ago, even without adjusting for inflation, said Scott Graves, research director at the California Budget Project.


Options Floated for Golden State Version of U.S. Tax Credit to Help Poor

Groups that advocate for low-income residents also have called for the creation of a state credit. The California Budget Project issued a report recommending a state credit.


California's New Rainy Day Fund Rules to Be Closely Watched

Chris Hoene, executive director of the California Budget Project, said Brown’s popularity likely made the difference for California’s rainy day fund Tuesday.“He has managed the state’s fiscal health out of the downturn and has received a lot of credit and accolades for that work,” Hoene said.